Arm Balances

In yoga, since our arms tend to be one of the weakest areas in our body, arm balances tend to be harder than other balancing poses and can cause anxiety for people of all levels. However, arm balances don't have to be strictly for the experts. In this collection, you'll find tutorials filled with tips and tricks to help you move past the fear and become an arm balance pro. For beginners, it's important to use yoga arm balances sparingly at first. For most people, our everyday lives don't require much heavy lifting. We sit behind desks and rarely carry anything heavier than our lunch. It's for these very reasons that it's vital to stretch and strengthen your arms everyday. It's important to gradually build your upper body strength, increasing the frequency and repetition of arm balances only as your body can handle. With these poses, you'll develop strong, flexible, and lean arm muscles and an enhanced degree of mental focus. But repetition isn't the only secret to getting off the ground. While arm balances in yoga represent a certain playfulness, focus and relaxation are key components to any balancing pose. By relaxing joints and muscles that are usually rigid, you'll notice that your body will ease upward with less effort. As you connect to your breath and focus your mind on each individual joint, you'll be able to release the stiffness that binds you to the floor. Remember to never go into these poses quickly, as the movements are meant to be slow and gradual. Balancing poses connect us to the present moment and require strict mental focus. Explore each yoga arm balance tutorial and unlock the mystery behind these seemingly complex poses.

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