Stress Relief

Gaia’s collection of yoga for stress relief can help to alleviate the physical, mental, and emotional toll of stress. Learn how focused breathing, visualization techniques, posture, and conscious body movements can impact your day-to-day life with yoga and meditation practices for stress relief. Within the wide scope of Gaia’s online yoga for stress management videos, explore a variety of physical and mental techniques to try on to help mitigate your stress levels. Explore moving meditation within a vinyasa flow to get your heart pumping and allow the stresses of your day to melt away with each breath. Dive deeper into your breath with a hatha yoga practice including longer holds to facilitate a sense of strength and control within your body. Slow down and find calming yoga poses for stress relief in a yin or restorative class to gently allow your body to release and ease tension from day-to-day life. Beyond the physical asanas (postures) of yoga, Gaia’s online catalog of stress relief practices also includes pranayama (breathwork) practices that you can fit into your day no matter how much time you have. Find yogic breath techniques to help soothe anxious mind chatter and allow more peace and serenity into your thought patterns. Online meditations for stress relief are a soothing way to slow down racing thoughts and help settle into a calmer, more collected state of mind.

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