Stress Relief

We offer natural, practical and simple solutions for an unavoidable part of life: Stress. With our collection of stress relief videos, you will understand why your body and mind react to stress the way they do, and find the right remedy for you. With solutions like relaxation, meditation, diet and yoga for stress relief, our collection of videos can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. In today's world, we're impacted by copious amounts of stress. Our long list of to-do's combined with sensory overload overwhelm our system and stimulates our fight or flight instinct, which depletes and exhausts us. This makes us extremely vulnerable to stress conditions like worry, depression, insomnia and more. We may not even always feel stress immediately, however, it can occur on a cellular level, later manifesting itself as a chronic illness. Using this collection of yoga for stress relief exercises and other videos, you'll learn how focused breathing, visualization techniques, posture and conscious body movements can help to strengthen and heal the body. Balance your emotions and boost your overall energy as you get in touch with the energy aspect of who you are. Stay on track and centered through your day, while coping with stress in a healthy and positive way. In this collection of videos, we look at the key elements of stress and how your body rebounds from it. Use the power of breathing, diet, and yoga for stress relief to provide an increased sense of inner peace and composure. Surrender to the combined power of these techniques and bring a renewed sense of vitality to your life.

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