Hilary Jackendoff

Hilary Jackendoff

Hilary Jackendoff is a Los Angeles based Yoga Nidra and Meditation teacher, Teacher Trainer, and Human Design reader. Since 2008, Yoga Nidra has been at the center of her practice, both personally and professionally, as it has been the single most effective tool in navigating her own insomnia and anxiety. Before moving to LA, Hilary spent 2 years formally training while living as a renunciate at an ashram.

Her work is focused on integrating spirituality, self-inquiry, and stress-management in a nuanced, pragmatic way to awaken ease in your body, clarity in your mind, and joy in your heart. When practicing with Hilary, expect a blend of down-to-earth, applicable wisdom, deep devotion, and plenty of laughs – because the spiritual doesn’t have to be so serious!

Hilary was a founding teacher at The DEN Meditation and co-creator of the studio's 400 hour Meditation Teacher Training, as well as a Wanderlust Festival teacher. She has been featured for her work on Yoga Nidra and sleep in Refinery 29, Newsweek, Well & Good, Business Insider, and on Good Morning America. Offerings include Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings, Meditation Teacher Trainings, mentorship and Human Design based self-inquiry coaching, online classes, and corporate wellness solutions.

When she’s not contemplating consciousness, she enjoys hiking, dancing awkwardly to The Grateful Dead and EDM, and birdwatching from her hammock.

To learn more about Hilary’s offerings and receive email updates, please visit www.meditationchick.com. Connect with her on Instagram @meditationchick.

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