Jamie Milne

Jamie Milne is a rebel sports Australia, Mizuno Australia, and Nuzest and Injinji sport sponsored athlete and owner and founder of Jamie Milne Training on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.Jamie has over 13 years’ experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and worked in many diverse roles, such as the Kuwaiti Royal family, for the NZ Institute of Golf, and NZ heavy champion boxer Shane Mountain Warrior Cameron. Jamie has a well-established amateur boxing career and that of a nationally ranked Crossfit athlete, of which he qualified for the Australasian Regional’s in 2010, back when the mere mortals could actually have a semi-decent chance of competing. Jamie continues his passion for CrossFit and is a regular on the competition scene here in Australia, NZ, and the Middle East.Since leaving the service in 2003 Jamie has worked relentlessly and with a heartfelt desire to not only preach but more importantly practice the good word of health and fitness. This belief has also installed to the people who choose to train and work with him. Passion is far more powerful than motivation. Once you are passionate about something – be it a goal, challenge or change you want to make, the motivation to pursue it is already present. This combination of passion and motivation is transparent with those that utilize Jamie’s services.

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