The Yogi's Heart
1 Season . 14 Episodes

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The Yogi's Heart (Preview)

A Meditation + Yoga Guide for Opening and Connecting

The Yogi’s Heart will guide you on a path to awareness of the most important energy center in your body — the anahata chakra, or the heart chakra. Translated from Sanskrit, anahata means unstruck, the innately whole and intact nature of our emotional center. Yet too often our hearts become wounded, closed by life experiences.

Opening the heart increases compassion and connection to people and situations so we can fully feel our lives as they are. When we physically create space around the heart, we open ourselves to the opportunity to give and receive love emotionally and spiritually. Love is more than a strong emotion or feeling. It is a skill that can be learned and practiced to cultivate the power of an open heart.

Through these guided heart opening yoga and heart opening meditation practices, you’ll learn the art of mindfulness and loving kindness. These are the foundations for living with an open heart. For it is only when you approach life from a place of openness can you embody connectedness with all things.

In only 14 days we’ll help you unlock and trust in the wisdom, courage, and resilience of your heart through ancient Buddhist contemplation practices that are over 2,500 years old. Not only will we guide you, we will give you the tools that will help you continue your practice on and off your mat.

Get ready to bring a heart full of openness, connection, and trust to everyone and everything you do. Here we go…

Episode 1
29 mins
A fast-paced class to open your heart and help you find trust in yourself.
Episode 2
35 mins
Why is it so hard to develop loving kindness toward ourselves? Our hearts are sensitive. They get wounded, bruised, broken. Today, you’ll learn how to love yourself back into an open heart by developing compassion for yourself. For if you have none, you won’t be able to freely give it to others. Embrace yourself in order to embrace others.
Episode 3
35 mins
Abundance begins with gratitude. When we’re cultivating a spacious heart, we can feel the connection between each and every element within our lives — we are, in every way — connected, not separate. A healthy body is actually an offering to the universe, one that brings forth a heart filled with thankfulness. Training ourselves to tune into the feeling of gratitude can change our experience almost instantly.
Episode 4
29 mins
It’s time to dissolve perceived boundaries. As we all know, sometimes it’s difficult to stay vulnerable with challenging people or situations – our heart seems to close and then we lose our power. This meditation develops our ability to respond from a place of inner abundance and strength rather than a place of disconnection and fear.
Episode 5
27 mins
Concentrate on the intricacies of opening the heart in the midst of intensity. As we’re physically “scrubbing out” resistance to an open heart, we’ll focus on the back side of the heart through backbends — creating physical space in this region may even break loose old patterns for which we’ve long been awaiting release. Breathe through your practice today, firm in your dedication to an open heart.
Episode 6
23 mins
How do we move past our belief that we’re separate from others and from everything that is? This is an ancient and beloved practice called Metta Meditation. This meditation takes courage, dropping the armor of separation and opening our heart to the entire universe.
Episode 7
33 mins
Remember to allow one practice to inform the next. As you learn about loving kindness with Greg, try to bring this insight into your physical practice. By working with generosity and gratitude in meditation and in yoga, we’re able to integrate and express an open heart both inwardly and outwardly — kindness, generosity, and love become part of our fiber.
Episode 8
15 mins
As we’re learning in our meditations, relaxing into the heart through joy, gratitude, and compassion is a powerful tool for staying open. Such practice helps us reduce our resistance and encourages us to confidently keep our emotions open to whatever life brings.
Episode 9
22 mins
Pay special attention to the sensations in your heart when you settle down and invite the image of loving kindness, your 5-year-old self. Really connect and let go into this gentle presence and feel the love, generosity, and joy that surrounds you in this state of innocence.
Episode 10
36 mins
Today’s practice is a special story and a powerful hip-opening series that teaches us how to liberate emotions to flow through our bodies. By remaining dedicated to our open heart — to feeling and relaxing into anything that arises — we strengthen our ability to integrate every experience that life brings. This is how we learn to move through — rather than around — resistance.
Episode 11
29 mins
Let’s practice the “Art of Goodwill” today and extend our open heart to the beings who surround us. Once again, closely attend to the sensations in your heart as you expand to include those whom you may not ordinarily invite in.
Episode 12
34 mins
As we’ve learned in our meditations with Greg, we often have a difficult time being gentle with ourselves. But gentle doesn’t mean weak. We need a little extra support as we train our bodies, minds, and hearts to remain vulnerable and soft; this self-nourishment encourages us to slow down the pace of life and drop into our own presence. Here, joy, gratitude, and compassion can surround us.
Episode 13
23 mins
Today we’ll expand once again to include all the universe within the vastness of our heart. From this place, move into the world. As Greg suggests in his meditation, walk with an open heart and bring this to each and every person you interact with. Happiness is there with you; your presence invites it in for others — the blessings of a yogi’s heart!
Episode 14
39 mins
Today’s practice closes our journey together. Remember that it’s important to extend our open heart outward, ultimately to universal love, compassion, joy, and gratitude. It’s also important to remember what love feels like physically in our bodies, as a tool to return to all of the work that we’ve done here together. Reconnect to the embodiment of love, and to the opening of the heart chakra, the anahata chakra.