Have you ever been to outer space? Or walked with the dinosaurs? Explore our yoga for kids collection of videos and discover a world filled with fun practices designed to make your child stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. With kids' busy lives, they're often over-scheduled, hopping from one activity to the next. Give your child a relaxing break and help them to build beneficial skills. Our kids yoga videos are a practice of living well in the world for your child. Postures are but a minor aspect as your child is engaged through storytelling, positive affirmations, creative visualizations and most of all, silliness. Yoga for kids is a perfect method for developing physical, social and mental well being. All that a parent could want for a child. It allows your child to develop all of the skills of a sport, but it takes competition completely out of the equation. The emphasis is on the process and not the outcome and is one of the few activities in a child's life where there's no pressure to score the goal, pass the exam, or win the trophy. Watch our kids yoga online videos to help your child cultivate a sense of non-judgment and acceptance for themselves and for others. Attention is given to what the body and mind are doing at the present moment, nurturing a quality of peace from within. As a result, they learn that yoga looks different in everyone and every body. Your child will learn to trust themselves, as they take control and choose whether to challenge themselves or pull back and set their own limits - a quality that will deeply impact them as they grow older. Yoga builds character and develops the whole self, while teaching inner strength and patience. And the best part of all? It's fun!

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