Relax and recenter with these restorative yoga videos. In this collection, learn soothing and supported postures that allow your body to fully relax and release, and absorb all of the benefits of your yoga practice leaving you renewed and refreshed. Even if only for five minutes, a daily practice of restorative yoga will help your body to remember what it's like to deeply relax. Whether preparing your body and mind for blissful sleep or just trying to decompress from the day, allow yourself to enter deeply into each posture and your exhales to calm and release tension from the body and mind. Surrender into yourself. With this restorative yoga online series, you'll explore the rejuvenating postures, exercises, and meditations that free your spirit and create a deeper intimacy with yourself. Designed to create a sense of well being and relax the entire body, our restorative yoga videos will help you to create more joy and creativity throughout your day. Take a break from strength and effort and allow your body to surrender into its own nurturing embrace. Enter a state of deep relaxation and create a better, happier, more peaceful you.

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