Here?s your chance to hear yoga pioneers Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee give more than just alignment cues and pose instructions. Yoga Talks is an informative ?coffee chat,? where this dedicated husband-and-wife teaching team take turns playfully interviewing each other. In preparation for the release of their Yoga Foundations Guide, the teachers answer the kinds of questions you may be asking yourself, and in the process, underscore yoga?s power to transform, whether you?re a beginner or experienced yogi. In Yoga Talks, you'll hear candid conversations about yoga, philosophy, and much more. Rodney and Colleen discuss topics such as the importance of loving your body, the meaning behind some of the common "yoga words," you hear in class, and whether yoga really is for everyone. Take a break and dive into the delightfully witty and entertaining series, Yoga Talks.

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