Liberating Your Full Orgasm Reflex

Discover the zone where sexuality and spirituality become one with these essential practices that will intensify orgasmic bliss and release creative potential. Most people are using less than ten percent of their ability to feel the deep, whole-body satisfaction that comes when you fully liberate your orgasm reflex.

The orgasm reflex is not just physical and it’s not just about sex. How your orgasm reflex functions is a major factor in whether your creativity flourishes or withers away. Keeping your creativity flourishing, according to many experts, is the absolute essential in creating a happy life.

This video gives you step-by-step instruction in how to do the practices that liberate your orgasm reflex. All you need to do is devote ten minutes a day to the practices for a few weeks. Then, take note of the amazing new sensations awakening in you.

[Editor's note: The exercises in this video are demonstrated by models who are fully clothed. The exercises are quite tame, and they are demonstrated solo.]

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English