The Ultimate Life Relationship

Sometimes we feel alone in life, even when we are surrounded by so many people who love and support us. Sometimes we encounter those who don’t support us in the way that we want them to. It can be difficult to maintain a path of least resistance, follow our dreams, and hold our heads up high when others may be looking down at us and shaking their heads.

Sometimes we ARE unconditionally supported, and we still feel that others don’t understand us or aren’t truly 100% there for us. I want you to know, I get it. I’ve experienced it so many times.

But there’s a way to finding peace in this situation!

You Are the Answer You Seek

One profound lesson I have learned this year, and especially in recent months, is that I am the only one who can save myself…and YOU are the only one who can save yourself.

You will have family members, friends, and relationships in your life that can act as temporary support systems for you, but in the end, this journey of life is always about you gettin’ real with yourself. It’s difficult, I know. But you know what? It feels great when you have awareness of that so you can start to cultivate it and bring love into that divine relationship with yourself.

I realize I sound like another one of those motivational speakers that’s all talk, but I promise you, I’ve been through the crud, and I understand it! I want to show you that it’s possible to get to that place, and it doesn’t need to take decades.

The Only Eternal Relationship

I realize now that the Earthly journey is temporary, but my life is eternal. My soul is eternal. My relationship with myself is the only thing that is eternal no matter what. All else comes and goes. I won’t have these other people by my side forever, so I must start to have awareness for who I am and how I’m going to be there for myself now so it doesn’t come as a big surprise later in my life.

That is precisely why we get our hearts broken over and over again; because we’re leaning on others to try to fill a gap that NO ONE but ourselves can fill.

Be that for yourself, and everyone else will become much clearer. The journey may still be rough, but you’ll always know that you will be there for yourself 100% for each and every bump in the road, and you’ll remember that you will make it through, because you have every other time! Remember that you are a warrior!

Everything Shapes Us

There are no mistakes in the choices we make and the lessons we learn along the way to get to this point of clarity, but the faster that we can learn it’s all about the Self, the faster we are set free. This life experience is a game of learning to be in relationship, in every meaning and variation of the word. Relationship with our environment, family, friends, animals, our planet, etc.

Our relationship with the tree outside is just as essential to understand as our relationship with our partner, or our parents. There is consciousness in all things, whether we realize it or not.

Cultivate Authenticity

Bring more awareness to the lives that you touch with the words that you speak from your heart. When you see that your authenticity brings so much joy to the world, it gives you encouragement to move forward with even more gratitude for yourself, which is so healing!

Can you see yourself without others mirroring back to you the painful signs every day? I had an interaction with someone this week that taught me that I still question myself very much. This person was asking me to step down and not shine brightly (of course it wasn’t stated that way, but that was the essential message behind the words). It was not comfortable to see me telling my Truth, and that became a barrier for this person. What I said took many veils down and opened all the gates that were once covered.

I learn every day from people around me. When I get triggered by someone who does not like what I say or questions my Truth in an offensive or otherwise direct manner, I look at myself and ask myself whether I am treating myself with respect and love and honor.
If I am in any way attracting an interaction with another being that makes me feel icky or challenged, I am not fully respecting and honoring myself. I realized I do not fully believe in myself yet.

I challenge myself to not put blame or judgment upon others or introduce any negative emotions into my body by keeping the interaction impersonal. I just want to see the purpose of the interaction from outside of myself and learn from it.

Why Are We here?

Life is a journey of many events that teach us to listen to ourselves. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting it right away. It’s a journey, and it’s not meant to be perfected. It can’t be, but we can do our best to be aware and conscious as we cultivate this beautiful relationship between you and YOU! Then you will see that all of these events, both "positive" and "negative" are beautiful, and they are here for you to simply see with clarity all that you are, and all that you can be. Take it all as an experience to learn from so you can accelerate and grow in positive, loving, and healing ways!

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