Gaia’s Top 10 Videos To Begin Your Transformation

1. E-Motion 

Director: Frazier Bailey

The mind is a powerful force, capable of growth, healing, and change. But it can also prevent us from realizing our full potential by retaining negative, pent-up memories and emotions. Our western mentality of coping with this is to prescribe drugs and external modalities, when we might be missing a solution that’s right in front of us, or rather inside of us. E-motion takes us through the proven methods of doctors and psychologists pioneering practices and tools we can implement to allow our bodies to heal themselves. Through meditation, intention, and reprogramming, E-motion documents the proven mechanisms from New York Times best-selling authors and spiritual leaders, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Nassim Haramein, Neale Donald Walsch, and Sonia Choquette. Their techniques will allow you to clear negative emotions and truly achieve your divine purpose.

2. Gratitude

Director: Louie Schwartzberg

We all have busy lives with routines and cycles that help us make it through the day, week, and month, but how often do you stop and take the time to have gratitude for the life we have been given? Each day is a precious gift and allowing ourselves to take the time to realize this can have some profound effects. Running just over 6 minutes long, there’s no excuse to skip out on this mini-doc. Watch it once for a quick reminder or let this become your daily affirmation.

3. Inner Worlds Outer Worlds 

Director: Daniel Schmidt

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, Canadian filmmaker Daniel Schmidt, explores that elusive space between matter, after the discovery of the Higgs-Boson “God particle.” The space that can be found within ourselves, accessed through meditation by yogis, shamans, and spiritual seekers for centuries is now being connected with concepts that the scientific world has had trouble defining. Looking at what could be the hidden key to discovering what unifies everything in the universe, this feature-length documentary will unite your understanding of these two seemingly disparate dimensions.

4. Healing the Mind

Director: D.J. Kadagian

Can a 5,000-year-old practice ameliorate that which ails us today? Our western culture, that seems to have a medicine or cure for everything, has shown signs of exponentially increased rates of mental health issues, prescription drug abuse, and widespread consumption of antidepressants. When we take a step back and look to the ancient tradition of Ayurveda that focuses on a simplistic approach to health, herbal remedies, and the body’s ability to heal itself, we find that we might not need all of those prescriptions after all. Running just under an hour, you can’t afford not to take the time to gain this ancient insight.

5. Samadhi: Maya, the Illusion of the Self

Director: Daniel Schmidt

A great film to watch after Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, Daniel Schmidt further explores the concepts of akasha, kundalini and the logos. The focus this time is on Samadhi, the stillness of the mind achieved through meditative consciousness that is so key to the root of all spirituality. Schmidt takes ethereal, esoteric concepts and gives them a solid grounding that is easy to digest and understand. Let this hour-long documentary inspire you on your inner journey.


6. Follow Your Passion

Director: Louie Schwartzberg

Need a brief blast of inspiration for the day? Watch this quick 4-minute mini-doc with those who have found success in doing what they’ve always been passionate about. Whether that’s ice cream, hat making, or growing grapes, this boost of enthusiasm is a great way to start your day.

7. Secrets of the Pineal Gland

The tiny pinecone-shaped gland in the center of our brain that regulates the production of melatonin and our circadian rhythm, is known as the pineal. But it is also responsible for the production of the most powerful psychedelic substance known to man, DMT. Ancient civilizations knew about it and referred to it as our third eye. Could this be the secret to connecting with higher realms of consciousness and existence? This quick 11-minute explainer gives you everything you need to know about the mysterious pineal gland.

8. Connecting with Universal Consciousness

Science still can’t explain what consciousness is or why it is such an innate part of our existence. This 15-minute doc explores that one universal state that connects our experience here in this realm. Could the universe itself be a conscious entity experiencing itself? Explore theories grounded in scientific data that attempt to figure out what exactly consciousness is.

9. Awakening the Heart-Brain Union

Host: Gregg Braden

The heart and the brain are two of the most important organs in our bodies. Western cultures see the brain as the domineering force, while eastern belief systems point to the heart as the primary control center. In this 30-minute episode, Gregg Braden shows that there is an intrinsic connection between the two that can be used to our advantage by consciously tuning their activity to the same frequency. When we achieve this heart-brain harmony, we can open up pathways to self-healing and an array of abilities we might have never known we had.

10. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Host: Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this hour-and-a-half segment, New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, details his research on how we’ve been conditioned throughout our entire lives to perform repetitive behavior. These habits build our identities, define our emotions, and force us to experience life in a very limited manner. Dr. Dispenza’s research looks at how this redundant behavior actually changes our neurological functions, causing our brain to fire in very finite networks. But once we become aware of this memorized subconscious behavior, we can implement changes. Through his research, Dr. Dispenza has developed techniques to overcome that redundant behavior and enact real change by targeting the brain’s neuroplasticity.

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