Kerri Kelly

First attracted to yoga in the late 90's following a series of running and sports-related injuries, Kerri Kelly left a thriving career in marketing to apply herself to empowering others through yoga.

Kelly has been instructing yoga for seven years and is always investigating many forms of yoga to guarantee creativity and stability in her classes.

Realizing the potential of yoga, Kerri Kelly views the practice not only as a way to revamp her body, but to heal her spiritually. Kelly's classes are known for their challenging but spirited energy, as she aims to improve her student's development of a sound body, a appeased mind, and a wholesome spirit.

Kerri Kelly has been exceedingly affected and inspired by teachers such as Janet Stone, Seane Corn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Max Strom and Rusty Wells. As an avid teacher of cross-training workshops throughout the Bay Area, Kelly created a Yoga for Runners program. She is currently the Director of Possibility for a non-profit, Off the Mat, and Into the World and is dedicated to assembling the yoga community around the sole purpose of creating definite social change.


    Yoga for Athletes: Happy Hamstrings Video
    Episode 2
    Yoga for Athletes: Happy Hamstrings (April 2014)Yoga for Athletes
    Episode 2
    , 36 minutes
    When the hamstrings are too tight, they pull the pelvis down into posterior tilt which can 1) add stress on lower back 2) cause misalignment in the hips/knees). So being more flexible is not just about feeling good, more ...
    Available worldwide
    Yoga for Athletes: Root Down Video
    Episode 1
    Yoga for Athletes: Root Down (April 2014)Yoga for Athletes
    Episode 1
    , 36 minutes
    This video with Kerri Kelly is designed with the athlete in mind: leveraging yoga’s integrative approach to improve one’s physical health AND enhance athletic ability. It's a challenging and fun practice ...
    Available worldwide
    Empowered Athlete Video
    Empowered Athlete (August 2012)
    28 minutes
    This 30 minute yoga practice with Kerri Kelly serves as a great cross-training routine, or a post run practice and the intention of this practice is to simply bring your body back into balance.
    Available worldwide
    Yoga for Athletes: Whole Body Balance Video
    Episode 3
    Yoga for Athletes: Whole Body Balance (April 2014)Yoga for Athletes
    Episode 3
    , 35 minutes
    In this class with Kerri Kelly we build on our foundation to support upper body opening and awakening. Upper body health is directly connected to the core strength and pelvic alignment. By bringing attention and awareness to ...
    Available worldwide
    Detox and Renew Video
    Detox and Renew (September 2012)
    31 minutes
    This vibrant detox and renew class from Kerri Kelly is a cleansing practice to help you awaken to your potential.
    Available worldwide
    Awaken the Flow Video
    Awaken the Flow (July 2012)
    29 minutes
    In this opening and grounded practice, we’ll come home in our bodies and tune into a way of being that is more receptive, resourced and open to possibility. Through breath and asana, we will jump start the body, ...
    Available worldwide
    Core Conditioning Video
    Core Conditioning (October 2013)
    32 minutes
    Develop balance, harness efficiency, and increase your full-body awareness through this core themed class from Kerri Kelly. This flowing, moving practice will leave you uplifted and centered. This video is part of our Core ...
    Available worldwide
    Core and Courage Video
    Core and Courage (October 2012)
    115 minutes
    In this workshop with Kerri Kelly, we will cultivate the strength, will and integrity required to take flight in arm balances and inversions. Through a dynamic sequence, we’ll play and explore our edge - the limitations/fears ...
    Available worldwide

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