Rachel Wainwright

As the founder and owner of Exhale Studio, Rachel Wainwright?s goal is to create a unique, yet comfortable environment for her students to experience a great workout, relieve stress, find fulfillment, feel stimulated and have fun, all at once.

Her hope is to inspire people to better themselves, enhance their self-image and self-confidence.

Combining her diverse background, experience, and knowledge, Rachel Wainwright creates well-rounded and effective classes. She uses her positive energy and motivational skills to inspire and move her students.

Rachel Wainwright is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher, BCRPA Registered Pilates teacher, BCRPA Registered Group Fitness teacher, and BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer. She also has her Advanced Pilates Mat & Reformer Certificate, which was completed at The Pilates Den to PMA standards.

As a professional dancer, she has performed in a various stage shows, TV and film. Her other interests include snowboarding, wakeboarding, scuba diving, surfing, soccer, and traveling.


    Yoga Pilates Morning Mix Video
    Yoga Pilates Morning Mix (December 2014)
    19 minutes
    Rachel Wainright
    This class with Rachel Wainright fuses yoga with core stabilizing Pilates. This class is excellent for developing general tone and fitness in the body while creating a sense of inner calm, relaxation and overall well-being.
    Available worldwide
    Creative Core Abdominal Workout Video
    Creative Core Abdominal Workout (August 2011)
    26 minutes
    This is a lively, rhythmic and effective pilates inspired workout with Rachel Wainwright is designed to strengthen & lengthen your body with focus on deeper layer of muscles that flatten the abdomen. Unlike repetitive ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Exercises To Tone Your Entire Body Video
    Pilates Exercises To Tone Your Entire Body (September 2013)
    45 minutes
    This Pilates class from Rachel Wainwright puts an emphasis on toning your entire body, including your core (abdomen and oblique’s), back, arms and butt. As you will see, Pilates can help you develop strength, ...
    Available worldwide
    Tight Core, Open Hips Video
    Tight Core, Open Hips (February 2014)
    27 minutes
    Get toned in this 30 minute practice with Rachel Wainwright. Moving with breath, Rachel guides you through various Pilates and yoga poses that focus on both tightening and strengtening your core muscles while opening your ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Booty Workout Video
    Pilates Booty Workout (July 2010)
    18 minutes
    Thi is a fun yet effective way to reshape your backside with Rachel Wainwright. This class provides exercises to tone & tighten your glutes for all fitness levels. These Pilates exercises will heighten your body awareness ...
    Available worldwide
    Ab Series Video
    Ab Series (March 2014)
    17 minutes
    This short, Pilates inspired class from Rachel Wainwright is a simple, yet beneficial practice for toning your core. Take the poses at your own pace and skill level and feel free to get a burn.
    Available worldwide
    Post Flight Yoga Video
    Post Flight Yoga (August 2014)
    19 minutes
    This short practice from Rachel Wainwright is designed specifically for those yogis who like to travel. Targeting the hips, pelvis and shoulders, this class will help you return to center after a long flight, or even a long ...
    Available worldwide
    Pre-Surf Pilates and Yoga Video
    Pre-Surf Pilates and Yoga (July 2015)
    19 minutes
    Rachel teaches surf-specific movements designed to warm-up your body, prevent injury, sharpen mental focus, and improve flexibility and balance. Time to energize the body so you can surf those waves longer and longer.
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Inspired Core Workout Video
    Pilates Inspired Core Workout (July 2011)
    29 minutes
    This is a energetic, flowing and effective pilates inspired workout  with Rachel Wainright is designed to strengthen & lengthen your body with focus on deeper layer of muscles that flatten the abdomen. This designed ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates For Slimmer, Sexier Side Abs Video
    Pilates For Slimmer, Sexier Side Abs (October 2013)
    22 minutes
    This dynamic pilates class from Rachel Wainwright is designed to strengthen your oblique muscles (side abdominals). Strong obliques support the lower back, ward off back pain and posture problems, and will help you bend from ...
    Available worldwide
    Pre-Flight Yoga Video
    Pre-Flight Yoga (July 2014)
    31 minutes
    This practice from Rachel Wainwright, part of a three part series, is specifically designed to help mitigate discomfort during long periods of travel. Working into the shoulders, twisting through the spine, and opening the ...
    Available worldwide
    Beach Bum Workout Video
    Beach Bum Workout (July 2015)
    19 minutes
    Time to sculpt your bootie in this yoga and pilates fusion class with Rachel Wainwright. Rachel leads you in accessible, yet challenging, movements that will have you looking and feeling your best!
    Available worldwide

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