The Fractal Meditation System: Delta Waves Video
Delta Waves
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The Fractal Meditation System: Delta Waves (2011)

Episode 3
Available worldwide

The deepest of meditations occur at the lowest brainwave frequency known as Delta. This is also the frequency of sleep. This state of consciousness can often be elusive and hard to achieve; deep meditations require years of experience, whilst sleep can at times be difficult to find. Using brainwave entrainment audio, it is possible to synchronize your mind into delta by listening to audio recorded at this specific frequency.

The fractal visuals within this video are extremely beautiful mathematical formations that inspire a state of deep reverie. Along with the haunting soundtrack encoded in delta frequency brainwave entrainment, this is the perfect combination to help inspire deep meditation, or even be used as a sleep aid.

Marcus Ashley


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vivalafeldman, posted on October 5, 2016

When will Delta and Gamma become available again?

ricktasse, posted on August 1, 2015

Thank you so much for the creation of this wonderful Fractal Meditation System. The visuals and music is stunning. I enjoy starting my day and ending my day with these beautiful visual/sound meditations.
Rick Tasse

faallen1941, posted on May 19, 2014

What is the best way to use the system? I'm using theta now. Can I use all episodes in one session, are should I use one a day? FAAllen.

dumitru, posted on October 26, 2013

It didn't induce theta waves, but it was wondrously beautiful art in motion. However, from an artistic perspective, after awhile I found myself longing for it to shift perspective. Instead of constantly rotating on a two dimensional plane from top to bottom, I wanted to see one of the spherical shapes rotate in a three dimensional perspective from back to front, for a fuller effect.
Overall very nice.

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