Neil Kramer

Using his experience and vast knowledge of interconnected philosophical, spiritual, mystical, Hermetic, and alchemical disciplines to form his cosmology and practice, Neil Kramer is a renowned philosopher and esotericism with a focus on metaphysics and spirituality. Kramer a valued faculty member at the Omega Institute in New York, where he lectures philosophy, mysticism, esoteric studies, and the self-development of the human spirit. Working in design and software before finally devoting himself full-time to his passion, Kramer believes that "Truth is a radiation of divine light. The purer we become, the more we can embody. Conversely, the more we invest in self-deception, the less we can handle." His work explores the relationship between inner development and the many social and cultural factors that influence our lives. Kramer's combination of personal experience, spiritual wisdom, in-depth knowledge-base, and no-nonsense approach has supported his reputation as a widely respected figure in mystical, spiritual and alternative communities. He is a favorite guest on leading alternative radio and internet shows, and has appeared on TV networks in the US, Canada, Britain, and Europe, and has spoken at numerous international conferences.

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