Alan Watts on Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life

Alan Watts
1 Season, 18 Episodes
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Alan Wilson Watts (January 6, 1915 – November 16, 1973) was a philosopher, writer, speaker, and expert in comparative religion. He was in the forefront of popularizing Eastern religions and philosophies (especially Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism) and making them accessible for Western audiences. Watts wrote more than twenty-five books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, consciousness and the pursuit of happiness, relating his experience to scientific knowledge and to the teachings of Eastern as well as Western religions and philosophies.

Watts wrote and anchored two seasons of the Eastern Wisdom and Modern life public television series, in which he explored the growing influence of Far Eastern ways of liberation in contemporary western culture. This fascinating 18-part series stands unequalled in its brilliant analysis of modern civilization. Filled with clear, precise, easily understood examples and explanations, this series provides keys to actualization and self-awareness. Recorded in San Francisco in 1958 through 1960.