Chakra Toning and Sound Healing with Prakash and Michelle
1 Season . 4 Episodes

Are you curious about Chakra Toning & Sound Healing? In an exclusive release to FMTV, Prakash & Michelle take you through the basics of the practice, including tips and two classes that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

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Chakra Toning and Sound Healing with Prakash and Michelle (Preview)

There are many recorded, proven positive, influences of meditation upon the human body and psyche. Chakra toning and sound healing is one avenue to improved health and a more positive frame of mind.

You can look further into information regarding the chakras and the body as much as you like, or you can just be aware of how you feel. There is no right or wrong with chakra toning and sound healing. The great thing about this is that you are expressing yourself, so you can experiment with other techniques and tools, or other meditation practices. There is a deep sense of peace and inner balance as a result of this practice, and we hope you find the same.

Teacher: Prakash and Michelle
Episode 1
8 mins
New to chakra toning & sound healing? Learn the basics and reasoning behind the method with this introduction to the practice.
Episode 2
11 mins
Let body and mind will feel the vibration as well as automatically attune to the group sounds!
Episode 3
32 mins
Chakra toning requires no special knowledge or understanding, only a willingness to participate and to be open. Join Michelle as she takes you through a Chakra Toning class.
Episode 4
22 mins
Our whole being responds and resonates powerfully to the sound of our own voice. The tones and musical notes activate and affect the specific chakras. Join Prakash in a sound healing class that will guide you through a deeper meditative experience.