Cleansing 101 with Kate Leinweber
1 Season . 8 Episodes

There are many different beliefs about cleansing depending on where you look. This series cleans it all up to help you make the right choice for your body.

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The How and Why of Cleansing (Preview)

In this series, Kate Leinweber will clear the confusion about cleansing. There are many different beliefs about cleansing depending on where you look. Kate will explain the how and why of cleansing and offer options and suggestions to set you on the right track.

Host: Kate Leinweber
Featuring: Kate Leinweber
Episode 1
6 mins
The processes of cleansing and detoxification are intricate and important to understand in relation to your body. This segment with Kate Leinweber discusses why we cleanse, who should cleanse, and how to execute it effectively.
Episode 2
11 mins
Every body is different, so we should each have a cleansing protocol that is uniquely designed for us. Using the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kate Leinweber will discuss five different constitutions, and how each can appropriately cleanse. These include fire, water, earth, wood, and metal.
Episode 3
12 mins
Not only is our body a cleansing organism, but there are also foods that specifically help to remove toxins, waste and replenish cells with vitamins and minerals. This segment with Kate Leinweber will cover simple, nutrient dense superfoods that help the body cleanse.
Episode 4
12 mins
The human body has many organs of detoxification. Kate Leinweber educates on the function of each organ in cleansing and how to support their function through food.
Episode 5
8 mins
Detoxification symptoms are a sign that the organs of elimination are not functioning properly to remove waste and toxins. This segment with Kate Leinweber identifies daily self care techniques that help the elimination systems of the body to improve the efficacy of cleansing.
Episode 6
7 mins
This video with Intuitive Nutritionist Kate Leinweber examines the elements of raw food diets and ways to incorporate both cooked and raw foods into your diet to ensure you get enough macronutrients and complete vitamins and minerals.
Episode 7
6 mins
This talk with Kate Leinweber RHN includes important nutritional education for those interested in pursuing a plant based or plant only diet.
Episode 8
2 mins
This segment with Kate Leinweber will debunk myths about coconut oil and educate why we want it in out diet. Lauric acid found in coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It is a complete boost to our immune system.