Crystals: Healing, Manifestation & Alchemy
1 Season . 8 Episodes

This exclusive Gaia Original series delves into the roaring crystal renaissance to understand the history, science, and healing power of crystals. Follow series for notifications about each new episode!

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Crystals: Healing, Manifestation & Alchemy (Preview)

Join us on a transformative journey in this exclusive Gaia Original series as we delve into the roaring crystal renaissance to understand the history, science, and healing power of crystals.

Our experts unearth the multifaceted mysteries of these sacred stones from scientific, Vedic, Daoist, Hermetic, Native American, and New Age perspectives to reveal how crystals hold the key that can unlock our highest potential in the modern world.

Journey into the heart of crystal alchemy, manifestation, and holistic wellness to witness how crystals can transform your life, one healing frequency at a time.

Featuring: Gregg Braden, Theresa Bullard-Whyke, Luke Blue Eagle, Antoinette Aurell, Tiffany April Raines, Leslie Franks
Episode 1
21 mins
Crystals are more popular than ever and being incorporated into everything from modern technology and skincare to healing and spiritual practices. In this series premiere, dive into the crystal comeback of today to learn their power and potential.
Episode 2
21 mins
How do crystals, seemingly inanimate objects, amplify healing? From activating chakras and the nervous system to the effects on our body’s vibration and electromagnetic field, experts offer unique perspectives on how crystals can be our greatest healers.
Episode 3
23 mins
Our planet has an abundant variety of crystals, each with unique properties and abilities. In this episode, our experts delve into the uses, functions, systems, and colors of crystals that promote physical and mental wellbeing.
Episode 4
23 mins
Does the structure of a crystal inform its use? Is there a best shape for processing grief, attracting a partner, or creating abundance? Our experts explore the inner workings of crystals and how their geometries are used for different types of healing.
Episode 5
21 mins
One of the most powerful ways of working with crystals is by creating grids. Our team of experts explain and demonstrate how to purify and energize them.
Episode 6
22 mins
Do you know how to speak with your crystals and how to listen? From choosing the right crystal to purifying and programming, our team of experts reveal how you can cultivate a lasting relationship with your crystals and stones.
Episode 7
21 mins
Alchemical healing with crystals is infusing water with the healing essence of special stones, bringing the crystals’ vibrational healing into your body, transforming your world from the inside out.
Episode 8
21 mins
Where do we get our understanding of how to use crystals? As sages and mystics learned to connect with the mineral kingdom, they began to unlock the mysteries of crystals and passed those secrets through the ages.