Escape the Matrix
1 Season . 13 Episodes

You cannot escape the matrix unless you know you are in it. Join David Icke as he unravels the nature of the reality that we have been taught to believe is truth, through a lifetime of deep programming.

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Escape the Matrix (Preview)

You cannot escape the matrix unless you know you are in it. Join David Icke as he unravels the nature of the reality that we have been taught to believe is truth, through a lifetime of deep programming. For the past 30 years, he has been compiling information across a vast range of subjects and connecting them in a way which gives us a clearer picture of our reality. By connecting the dots between major world events, he provides us a clearer context to better understand the simulated reality that we have been living in. Learn how we have been led to believe in this illusion, and the ways we can shift our perceptions to finally be free from this control.

Host: David Icke
Episode 1
32 mins
David Icke shares the moments in his life that challenged what he thought he knew about reality, and how he was forever changed by them. What he has to teach will put human life, world events, and reality itself, into a completely different light.
Episode 2
28 mins
David Icke spurs us to ask two very important questions that we may have never contemplated before: Who are we, and what is this reality that we experience every day. To understand the answers, we need to shift our perceptions of a physical reality.
Episode 3
28 mins
David Icke introduces us to the concept of a holographic reality where we are living in a state of existence that is nothing more than waveform information. When we change our perception of this information, we change everything that we experience.
Episode 4
27 mins
Expanding upon our notion of living in a holographic reality, David Icke equates our existence with that of The Matrix movie. That is, our reality is being simulated and project by some form of technology outside of our physical reality.
Episode 5
29 mins
David Icke takes us deeper into the matrix to explore ancient texts and legends that describe beings from other worlds that are imposing a limited perception of reality upon us. With this understanding, you can begin to start decoding the matrix
Episode 6
29 mins
David Icke describes our programming, the methods and techniques used for reinforcing it, and what happens when you finally start to wake up. It all begins with the recognition of the matrix then the realization that you are far more than you believe.
Episode 7
29 mins
David Icke presents us with a hierarchical model of a spider web. It originates with the archontic forces in another reality and extends through secret societies and major corporations who control the information we receive.
Episode 8
32 mins
David Icke details the effects of political machinations that are all part of a calculated design involving human mind games. No matter who appears to be in power, there is a permanent control structure pulling all the strings from its hidden place.
Episode 9
34 mins
Who is at the center of the web pulling the strings and what is their ultimate endgame? David Icke sheds light on the archons which may be a highly advanced form of A.I. slowly manipulating our planet into a technological dystopia.
Episode 10
27 mins
David Icke shares work from the HeartMath Institute to reveal that the power of the heart is our primary means to disconnect from the matrix and reclaim control over our lives.
Episode 11
28 mins
Awaken the sovereign mind and celebrate who we really are! Far too many of us give away our power, our perceptions and our lives. David Icke reveals how we can take our perceptions back.
Episode 12
28 mins
Bolster your strength as David Icke takes a hard look at some of the controversial events in today’s world to help us define what love is and isn’t, and take back our world. This means stop hating, put away the labels, and dissolve our divisions.
Episode 13
28 mins
To escape the matrix, it is crucial to remember who you are. In this final episode, David Icke completes the tools you need for this journey of awakening.