Fractal Universe: Meditations for Conscious Elevation

1 Season, 3 Episodes
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This series uses specific audio and visual cues to help assist in a focused meditative experience. The imagery explores Mandelbrot and Julia fractals, beautiful patterns, often found in nature, that are primarily defined by their infinitely replicating form. As we zoom in we see the same shapes repeated at different scales, which serves to remind us of our place in the infinite cosmos — as well as the infinite cosmos within us.

The music in these videos is based on isochronic tones, a technique similar to binaural beats but with several advantages, including its effectiveness without the use of headphones. These tones are created at very specific frequencies that are identical to known brainwave frequencies, which creates an effect known as brainwave entrainment.

Sound healing practitioners have observed a wide range of effects from specific frequencies created in this fashion. Many people find the pure isochronic tones harsh and difficult to listen to for long periods. Luckily they work just as well when mixed with other musical sounds. In these videos the isochronic rhythms form the basis for the composition, layered with higher frequencies also noted for their healing effects. Solfeggio tones and the Pythagorean tuning system of 432 Hz. These frequencies have been used extensively over the ages in sacred music. And today numerous scientific studies have proven their efficacy in reducing stress, activating DNA, increasing creative capacity, and myriad other beneficial effects.

Specific tones and frequencies were selected for each video. Information on these choices is presented in the descriptions. However, your personal experience may vary based on your energetic state, needs, and expectations.