Healthy Lifestyle Tips: more from Dr. Miranda Wiley
1 Season . 9 Episodes

Are you paying attention to what your body is telling you? This series offers several tips for achieving balance in your body.

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A Body In Motion (Preview)

Dr. Miranda Wiley, a naturopathic doctor, shares tips for achieving balance in your body. From getting enough activity in your day to managing stress and improving sleep. She covers many of the factors that, with little effort, can improve the quality of our everyday quality of life.

Host: Dr. Miranda Wiley
Episode 1
4 mins
This talk with Miranda Wiley ND, includes the benefits of exercise, with tips to increase daily activity for enhanced health and wellness. For those looking to increase daily activity but are too tired, or unsure where to begin.
Episode 2
2 mins
Tips to increase mental function and clarity with Dr. Miranda Wiley ND.
Episode 3
3 mins
This talk with Miranda Wiley ND discusses how nutrition and lifestyle can support your immune system to prevent infection or illness.
Episode 4
4 mins
Simple tips from Miranda Wiley to increase cellular hydration for optimal health. Great for anyone having trouble consuming adequate hydration throughout the day. Preventing dehydration by drinking water.
Episode 5
4 mins
Doctor Miranda Demierre shares her tips on how to maximize your sleep.
Episode 6
7 mins
This talk with Miranda Wiley ND includes a discussion on what stress means to the body, and how to live life in balance with external and internal stressors.
Episode 7
3 mins
Dr. Miranda Wiley discusses tips for preventing headaches. Release tension via stretching and deep breathing and drink more water for adequate hydration to help eliminate headaches.
Episode 8
4 mins
Dr. Miranda Wiley discusses hormones and female menstrual cycle and how it relates to our mood and well-being.
Episode 9
14 mins
Our bodies respond to stress in a variety of ways depending on whether the stress is acute and immediate, or chronic and debilitating. Dr. Miranda Wiley explains how your body is designed to respond to stress in order to better understand how to maintain health in modern day life.