Hidden Origins
2 Seasons . 24 Episodes TV-PG

Has Money Destroyed Humanity’s Real Power? Discover Our True Origins with Michael Tellinger.

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Humanity's Hidden Origins (Preview)

Uncover the clues that expose humanity’s true origins as Michael Tellinger reveals secrets hidden within ancient stone circles and artifacts. These secrets could help us once again reclaim our true power and create a new world of abundance and opportunity for all.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish
25 mins TV-PG
Michael Tellinger presents an overview of the journey to discover humanity’s hidden origins. Everything we have been told about our history is a lie. The stories that have shaped our society, as we know it, are falsehoods concocted by the victors of our planet’s many wars.
28 mins TV-PG
From the moment the Annunaki set foot upon our once primitive planet, the race was on to procure mass amounts of gold and hold as much power over the emerging human populations as possible. This may be why gold has always been central to the advancement of human civilizations upon the Earth.
28 mins TV-PG
Across the ages many civilizations bore many commonalities, such as the prevalence of gold and many similar symbols shared throughout their unique cultures. It is the predominance of sound with sacred practices and architectural designs which this points toward a common origin.
21 mins TV-PG
In our modern world, we are inundated with sounds scattered everywhere. Its prevalence is so dominant in our everyday lives that many of us can scarcely imagine that it was once a source of sacred power.
24 mins TV-PG
Ancient cultures were able to use sound technology because they understood how primal resonance is critical to creation of all things. Once lost to the ravages of time, some of these applications were recovered in the forbidden sciences of Nikola Tesla.
30 mins TV-PG
History books have led us to believe that ancient civilizations could not have had access to advanced technology. But the anomalous tools found at stone circles in South Africa present a different view of the capabilities of these ancient peoples.
29 mins TV-PG
Michael Tellinger builds a connection from ancient Sumerian texts and the Annunaki to sacred sites in South Africa. It is the findings at Great Zimbabwe and the Dravidian mines which may confirm what the Sumerian texts have to say about the ancient workings of the Annunaki, but in South Africa.
27 mins TV-PG
Michael Tellinger discusses the use of mysterious artifacts found at pyramids and stone circles all over the world which have baffled even the most learned of scholars. But if we remember the role of sound in ancient technology, the use of these tools becomes obvious.
37 mins TV-PG
Long ago, for one brief moment, heaven and earth met, giving birth to the human race. This legend is only one of the many mysteries surrounding Adam’s Calendar… whispers from a time when Humans and Annunaki coexisted.
30 mins TV-PG
Three of the most abundant materials found in stones circles all over the world are also prevalent in modern computer technology. Could it be that arcane information has been stored in the ancient walls, just waiting to be discovered after lying dormant for millennia?
30 mins TV-PG
Sprawling across the vast savannas of South Africa we find myriad clusters of stone circles, all intertwined by a series of stone channels. If each circle is indeed a power source, then what we may find is a massive energy generating device powering a worldwide energy grid.
28 mins TV-PG
We have come to believe that we are an inextricable part of a vast and complex system which was designed to break the will of even the most determined of rebel. But salvation will not come from any external source. We are the ones that we have been waiting for.
30 mins TV-PG
Michael Tellinger decodes the symbolism found in movies, such as The Matrix and the Wizard of Oz, which expose the monetary and legal systems used by the global elite to cast a net of enslavement over the world’s population.
29 mins TV-PG
Right now, things seems to be getting worse in the world with images of war and abject poverty dominating main stream media. Michael Tellinger explains that this is the narrative which the banking elite want you to believe, because they know they are starting to lose control.
27 mins TV-PG
Michael Tellinger expounds upon the financial systems of the world which have locked us into being a part of its obedient labor force. Simply put, money does not liberate, it gets in the way of people realizing their dreams.
35 mins TV-PG
Michael Tellinger calls upon you to become the seed of consciousness in your community by engaging the philosophy of Ubuntu. All it takes is one village or town to implement Ubuntu and the world will change.