Journeys into the Soul
1 Season . 11 Episodes TV-PG

In this emotionally captivating docuseries, we'll witness intimate healing sessions of ordinary individuals navigating the complexities of the modern world.

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Journeys into the Soul (Preview)


In this emotionally captivating docuseries, we'll witness intimate healing sessions of ordinary individuals navigating the complexities of the modern world.

Using hypnosis techniques such as Dolores Cannon's Quantum Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Michael Newton's Life Between Lives (LBL) method, trained practitioners from across the globe guide clients through their subconscious memories.

Each episode taps into common life experiences, stirring a sense of shared humanity that unites us all.

Featuring: Triona Sheeran, Indrani Sinha, Petra Brzovic, Suzanne Spooner, Ellemiek Drucker, Jovy Wan, Kathy Kwiatkowski, Hila Kedem-Ferguson, Jeroen de Wit, Allison Lee Axinn
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
33 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Triona Sheeran
In Greystones, Ireland, Ryan undergoes a profound journey into his past life, encountering a heart-wrenching tragedy that leaves him questioning life's purpose.
32 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Indrani Sinha
In Dubai, UAE, Diyali embarks on a soul-stirring journey to uncover her emotional blockages and unlock the keys to shedding her defense mechanisms.
39 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Petra Brzovic
In Zagreb, Croatia, Marcela is drawn to a "Life Between Lives" hypnotherapy session to confront her panic attacks rooted in childhood trauma, only to uncover the surprising origins behind them.
29 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Suzanne Spooner
In Des Moines, Iowa, Ed sets out on a journey of self-discovery to gain clarity on his life purpose and discovers a vivid past life where he was a famous musician.
31 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Ellemiek Drucker
In Glastonbury, England, Scott hopes to untangle the knots of stress that bind him as a business owner and finds a chilling memory that completely alters his perspective on calmness and gratitude.
29 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Jovy Wan
In London, UK, Mala seeks answers and alignment in her life decisions, leading her on a journey that transcends the physical realm as she connects with the spirit of her grandfather.
30 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Kathy Kwiatkowski
In Moscow, Idaho, Brandon searches for understanding about why he feels incomplete, resulting in a lack of self-confidence. During his transformational session, he floats into the cosmos and realizes he can trust his mind and gut.
30 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Hila Kedem-Ferguson
In Chandler, Arizona, Brighton seeks a deeper connection with her deceased brother and best friend through a 'Life Between Lives' hypnotherapy session and uncovers a gift from her former relationships that brings her to tears.
30 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Jeroen de Wit
In Los Angeles, California, Monica seeks a "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" session to clarify how to share her spiritual gifts with the world and encounters beings from another realm.
31 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Triona Sheeran
In Dublin, Ireland, Susan schedules a "Life Between Lives Session" to address her emptiness, which sheds light on her connection to her soul group and the profound wisdom they impart to her.
30 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Allison Lee Axinn
In Pietrasanta, Italy: Joanna seeks a “Life Between Lives” hypnotherapy session to reconnect with her dear friend and heal her grief, yet what she uncovers is her deepest soul wound.