Meditation for Beginners with Tom Cronin
1 Season . 8 Episodes

Join Tom Cronin as he takes you through a beginner's guide to meditation.

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Meditation for Beginners with Tom Cronin (Preview)

There are numerous ways to meditate: from breath meditation, chakra clearing meditation, and visualizations to guided meditations. In this series, learn a transcending-style meditation using primordial sounds or mantras known as Vedic Meditation which particularly focuses on meditation that will benefit your sleep patterns.

In this series you will also receive a depth of knowledge that will support your meditation experience. Knowledge about technique, process, and results is a very important part of mastering meditation. Knowing when to meditate, how to meditate and why you will have thoughts during your meditation will help you flow with your practice.

Teacher: Tom Cronin
Episode 1
4 mins
Meet Tom, find out why he began practicing meditation and get ready to learn the art of the Vedic meditative practice for restful sleep.
Episode 2
11 mins
In this class, Tom teaches you the art of the Gentle Breath Method.
Episode 3
10 mins
With this guided meditation by Tom Cronin, you will reconnect to your inner heart center and discover what true love really is.
Episode 4
8 mins
The gratitude meditation will help you feel love and appreciation for all the beauty in your life.
Episode 5
12 mins
Yoga Nidra means ‘Deep Body Relaxation’. This practice is a deeply relaxing meditation to harmonize your mind and body.
Episode 6
8 mins
Join Tom for the perfect 'before rest' meditation that will dissolve any mental activity and take you into a deep, restful sleep.
Episode 7
4 mins
In this class, Tom goes through his top tips for a restful sleep.
Episode 8
2 mins
Ritual meditation can remove your stress, anxiety, fears… but how can you incorporate it into your everyday routine?