Yoga for Kids: Outer Space Blastoff
1 Season . 4 Episodes TV-G

Kids' yoga instructor Jodi Komitor leads three star-filled yoga practices for kids ages 5 and up.

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In this series with Kids' yoga instructor, Jodi Komitor, she takes your kids out of this world! It's time to let your imagination blast off into a galaxy far, far away. Jodi eads three star-filled yoga practices for kids ages 5 and up. These interactive yoga classes are fun, educational, and will have imaginations soaring...and don't you worry, she keeps those little bodies moving, too!

Teacher: Jodi Komitor
12 mins TV-G
In the first segment of Outer Space Blastoff with Jodi Komitor, it is launch time - so put on your space suit! Prepare to blast off into outer space for the ultimate cosmic adventure.
16 mins TV-G
In the second segment of Outer Space Blastoff Jodi Komitor takes you on a visit to all the planets of the solar system. Twist, wiggle, and stretch yourself all the way from Mercury to the dwarf planet of Pluto.
13 mins TV-G
Kids who do yoga are out of this world! In this segment of Outer Space Blastoff, Jodi Komitor leads a variety of self-affirmations that align with awe-inspiring objects of outer space. Objects include the Hubble Space Telescope, the Sun, and the Moon.
11 mins TV-G
A fun class for kids to explore their balance while pretending to be in outer space.