Alchemical Healing

20051 hr, 16 mins

The ancient art and science of alchemy is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for transforming our reality. Nicki Scully, world acclaimed teacher, author, and healer, developed Alchemical Healing to be an important vehicle for those looking for healing tools, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. She combines energetic healing techniques with shamanic principles to provide integrated and balanced healing and growth processes.

Nicki shares the essential knowledge and heart-centered wisdom she has gained from decades of investigation, practice, and intuitive inquiry in the healing arts. Two major empowerments are included with this program: The Fire Mist Shower provides access to the universal life force energy for healing, and The Parabola connects you to Nicki's newest modality for working with cancer.

Learn how to awaken your innate healing potential, expand your perception, and foster collaboration with spirit allies and the fundamental elements of creation.