Astral City [subtitles]

1 hr, 50 mins2010

Life after death was never a concern for Dr. Andre Luiz. That is, until he wakes up feeling lost and confused in a darkened wasteland. What he has yet to realize, is that he has died and is now struggling with his afterlife. Lost in a dimension full of pain and suffering, he desperately yearns for redemption.

His pleas are mercifully heard and he is rescued to an amazing city full of beauty and wonder. In the astral city, Our Home, Dr. Luiz begins a process of transformation that is full of surprising and enlightening experiences. It is this new life in the spiritual dimension where he can start over and bring true healing to himself and others.

Spiritual medium Chico Xavier documented his visions of the afterlife in his best-selling book, Astral City. Xavier’s visions of life in an astral city that hovers in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere are brought to life with an amazing score, by composer Phillip Glass, and brilliant special effects.

[Editor's Note: Subtitled in English]

Featuring: Renato Prieto, Fernando Alves, Rosanne Mulholland, Inez Viana, Rodrigo Dos Santos, Werner Schünemann, Clemente Viscaíno, Othon Bastos, Ana Rosa, Paulo Goulart