Amazon: the Spiritual Heart of Our World with Jordão Souza

The Yawanawa people, protectors and keepers of secrets of the rainforest, have come under fire by major corporations seeking to exploit the energy resources of the Amazon basin. These rainforests of South America have been likened to the lungs of the planet, but what if they are also the spiritual heart of our world? Jordão Souza conveys the mission of the Yawanawa, who protect a bevy of treasures, ranging from medicines to the secrets of spiritual awakening. These are things which await those willing to form a deep connection with the planet and its healing power, but will be destroyed if the Amazon is lost. Learn more in this interview with Sean Stone.

Jordão de Melo e Souza is a board member of the “Indigenous Celebration” NGO that is developing projects aimed at supporting the Yawanawa people. Jordão is the grandson of Padrinho Sebastião Mota de Melo, a known religious leader in the Santa Daime tradition. In 1985 his father Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza organized and led the scientific commission that convinced the Brazilian government to legalize ayahuasca for religious uses. This exposed him from early childhood to Amazonian shamanism and spirituality.

Host: Sean Stone
Featuring: Jordão Souza
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English