Art Against the Machine with Chris Spheeris

Since early childhood we have been stripped of our ability to freely express the essence of our soul. Our educational system is designed to churn out a population of drones devoid of creativity and perfectly suited to serve a corporate dystopia. Yet our hearts and minds continue to yearn for artistic release. Chris Spheeris explains how we can reengage our connection with Source so that art can once again become a spiritual process in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Chris Spheeris is an Emmy award, platinum and gold record winning composer and recording artist and performer. He is also an open creative channel and workshop facilitator. His music has inspired millions worldwide for decades. His writings and spoken word pieces range in tone from Rumi to George Carlin. Always devoted to being inspired and inspiring others, Chris approaches spirituality from a very down-to-earth, easy for anyone to access and experience perspective.

Featuring: Chris Spheeris
Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English