Bert Janssen on Crop Circles

If you’ve ever considered taking a journey into the crop circles you’ve likely come across the name, Bert Janssen. Bert’s path began with the fascination with the world’s ancient cultures, where he began to see a similar theme to the teachings arise. Being an intellectual, however, he could not find the practical implications of the knowledge until he made the acquaintance of an American shaman who gave Bert the context for his discoveries in the crop circles.

From the way Bert Janssen looks at it, crop circles are the greatest mystery of modern times. According to Bert, these are images, or voices of light, in a world that is void of such light. His website, Crop Circles and More, was founded to understand what is happening with this mystery whether the understanding is on the conscious or subconscious level. With that concept, we are touching on one of the most fascinating aspects of this phenomenon. The phenomenon speaks to us on all thinkable levels – conscious, subconscious and super conscious.

Featuring: Bert Janssen
Audio Languages: English