The Bhakti Boogie with Jocelyn Gordon

What do hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation and hula hooping have in common? The uniting factor is what Jocelyn Gordon, creator of Bhakti Boogie Yoga, calls transformational fitness. With more than 25 years of experience as a movement therapist and dance enthusiast, Jocelyn is passionate about being fully self-expressed and about helping women experience liberation from something she identifies as TraumaDrama.

Jocelyn Gordon brings the message of authentic living to her clients and programs. Her lifelong specialty, Integrative Movement Education, stems from a unique early childhood apprenticeship in massage. She provides busy women in the US and overseas with fitness and stress-relief tools which emphasize breath awareness, self-care and pleasure. Inspired by the vision of a world full of joyfully embodied beings, Jocelyn encourages everybody to move from inhibited expression to authentic living.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Jocelyn Gordon
Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English