Bigfoot's Reflection

Shot on location in high definition in the Pacific rain forests, this POV documentary is a modern psychological and ecological exploration of the giant ape-man legend of North America from the perspective of those who choose to study it and guard its wild habitat.

Bigfoot's Reflection examines the struggles of the few influential scientists, researchers and a Native American guide who have committed themselves to the puzzling legend – even in the face of ridicule – as they strive to bring humanity and a scientific method to the pursuit of the elusive creature.

Bigfoot's Reflection pores over the principal evidence of the last fifty years and plunges into those cold, rugged and dark places where the final proof continues to elude them; a place where few hazard to even venture. Can it be said that the creature they seek lives within them, too?

Featuring: Mel Slahan, Bill Miller, John Kirk, John Green, Robert Pyle
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish