Billy Merritt on Superfoods

Billy’s quest began at the Ashram Health Retreat of Calabasas, California where he had been sharing his love and understanding of nutrition and natural well being. Here he was formulating his favorite algaes, herbs, botanicals, probiotics, enzymes, and superfoods into nutrient-rich blends that he found to be incredibly effective. The Ashram is famous for being on the cutting edge of health programs worldwide, offering a challenging regimen of hiking, exercise, and yoga that requires active participation. So it was the perfect place to develop a superfood formula, providing guests and physical trainers with the energy and nutritional support they needed to perform such a challenging program.

After ten years of research and development, coupled with soulful dedication to the craft of creating the best superfood formula possible it is Billy created his own line of super foods. These are deeply nourishing, revitalizing, and health-transforming superfoods, that Mother Nature provides for us! It is his vision and promise that such gifts from a loving and providing Universe will support you in manifesting excellent health: a quality of Life that is yours naturally!

Featuring: Billy Merritt
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