Biophoton Therapy with Johan Boswinkel

Healing Matrix with Regina Meredith
S1:Ep3758 minsAugust 2013

Scientific studies have shown that our bodies emit a faint light that regulates our biochemical processes. In this illuminating interview with Regina Meredith, Johan Boswinkle explains the theory of Biontology and how this faint light can be used to detect illness and support a healthy body.

Johan Boswinkel, the founder of the Health Angel Academy and Institute for Applied Biophoton Sciences is spreading knowledge of biontology by training and educating new therapists in the art of healing through biophotons. He is the worldwide specialist concerning application of biophotons and the changes in quality of photon-emission. He is also the spiritual father of Biontology.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Johan Boswinkel
Video Language: English