Brian O’Leary on Free Energy

Brian O’Leary has seen more than just about any civilian when it comes to the world of free energy, or Zero Point energy devices. As an idealistic young PhD in space sciences, he was slated to go to Mars on a NASA mission, when the Viet Nam War shifted the U.S.’s priorities. Instead, he became a professor, teaching at Cornell, alongside Carl Sagan, and later at Princeton in the Physics Department. Ultimately, his broad curiosity about future technologies in space brought him to the understanding that only through free and clean energy can we progress as a global species. The rub has been that vested interests have thwarted this progress at every turn.

On one of Brian’s rare visits to the US, after moving to Ecuador, Regina asks him about the pattern of suppression of energy devices that could have provided a solution to our energy demands. They also speak of his history of helping to protect those who are brave enough to step out and present such solutions, especially when it upsets the military industrial complex.

His message is clear. We have to be more demanding about our energy sources and realize that it is up to us to make the necessary changes.

Featuring: Brian O’Leary
Audio Languages: English
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