Bridging Science and Religion with Jay Lakhani
On the Road with Lilou with Lilou Macé

We are living in a world where the younger generation can no longer relate to established religions yet are open to different notions of spiritual sensibility. Science is now looking into deeper dimensions of reality and coming to the same understandings that ancient prophets discovered. Scientists are just now learning how space, time and causation are the dimensions of absolute manifestation. Jay Lakhani, who studied physics with Roger Penrose and inspired by the spirituality of Ramana Maharshi, bridges the gap of science and religion to easily bring new notions of spirituality to younger generations them in this interview with Lilou Macé.

Jay Lakhani completed postgraduate studies in Quantum Mechanics under Sir Roger Penrose and obtained a Masters degree with distinction in 1970. As a Theoretical Physicist and head of the Hindu Academy, he explores the links between the esoteric teachings of religions and cutting edge scientific discoveries. He often gives talks at universities to reconcile the gap between religious and secular world-views.

Host: Lilou Macé
Featuring: Jay Lakhani
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English