Christine Arylo on Choosing Me before We

When we enter into intimate relationships, we often leave ourselves behind in the process. Seeking approval and looking for non-conflicted companionship, we begin to morph into a creature that we hope the other person will love or like. Our personal sovereignty and individual uniqueness circles the drain and we often become a shell of ourselves. This is more often true for women than for men and most of us succumb to one extent or another. Christine Arylo addresses this phenomenon in her book, Choosing Me Before We.

Christine’s book is designed to challenge and guide women to create the relationships they want instead of the ones they often find themselves stuck with. Although this is focused primarily towards women, the essence of what Christine says is applicable to all, especially teens and young adults who are indoctrinated by mainstream media messages of identity.

Whether you’re in an intimate relationship or have chosen to go it alone, Christine encourages everyone to have a love affair with yourself, first.

Featuring: Christine Arylo
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