Cleansing the Doors of Perception (Huston Smith) – Part 1
Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove

With the public hysteria over the drug war, it's easy for people to confuse the serious scientific research into psychedelics with the baggage of their social abuse.

Professor Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions and Cleansing the Doors of Perception, and emeritus professor in philosophy and religion at MIT, Syracuse and Berkeley, aspires to introduce sober thinking into this hot topic.

Join the exploration of the religious significance of entheogenic (God disclosing, from the root: Theos), or psychedelic, plants and chemicals. Learn how research maps chemical changes in the brain during mystical disclosures. Learn how researchers define these substances separately from hallucinogenic substances, a social name that inadvertently connotes deception.

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Host: Jeffrey Mishlove
Featuring: Huston Smith
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English