A Course in Miracles

1 hr, 1 min

In 1965 Helen Schucman and William Thetford were drawn together by the compulsion of Helen’s inner voice that said, “This is a Course in Miracles, please take notes”. Over the next several years, the two worked together to produce a volume of text which would change the lives of many people all over the world.

Today, prominent luminaries including Marianne Williamson, Judith Skutch Whitson and Dr. Gerald Jampolski tell of their experiences with the course. In essence, it is a form of psychotherapy with a Christian context that has nothing to do with the past 2,000 years of biblical teachings. These teachings come to life through spoken narration and dramatizations of allegories in the book.

Featuring: Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gerald Jampolski, Kenneth Wapnick, Judith Skutch Whitson