Dawson Church on Personal and Global Disarmament

It seems that if there were ever a time to disarm, it would be now. Not just for governments, but for individuals. According to Dawson Church, in his article, Personal Disarmament, the key is to do whatever is necessary to interrupt the auto-programmed response we each have when our sensitivities are pushed. In the end, he says, it’s up to every individual to take responsibility for defusing our own hot buttons, before this can reflect out to the world, at large.

In this interview, done at the ISSSEEM Conference in Boulder, Colorado 2007, Dawson Church focuses on personal disarmament as a path to global disarmament saying that we cannot expect the larger picture to change unless we are prepared to take responsibility for our own inner violence. We can certainly all do our part at positively affect our health, family and community dynamics.

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