Decoding Sacred Architecture

If we are carefully observant, we will see repeating patterns of angles and ratios throughout all of nature. Ancient illuminated orders knew of these patterns and incorporated them into their sacred architecture. Throughout the ages, these secrets were nearly lost. Scott Onstott became aware of natural repeating patterns at a young age and, as a trained architect, his passion is decoding sacred architecture. He shares his insights with Regina Meredith.

Scott Onstott received a degree in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and worked in a number of prominent architecture and engineering offices in San Francisco. In 2009, after a series of epiphanies, he went in a new direction and stared creating an epic documentary called Secrets in Plain Sight. The recently released sequel, Secrets in Plain Sight 2, is a continuation of that mind-expanding exploration of sacred geometry.

Featuring: Scott Onstott
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English