Divining Your Truth with Jean Slatter

With information and disinformation coming at us from so many sources, it is becoming very difficult to sort out the truth. Author Jean Slatter suggests that rather than worrying about absolute truth it is more important to seek out your own truth — the truth you need this moment in your life; the truth that can show you the next step in your own development. And she explains how you can use your own body as a divination device. We handle toxic information in different organs of the body, for example, and when you identify the organ that matches your unease, you can choose nutrients or activity to support that organ. You can also seek your truth through personal dowsing, using just your fingers.

The truth of who we are as spiritual beings is alive and well and present, yet we often fail to see it. But nothing or no one is going to save us; we have to empower ourselves.

Featuring: Jean Slatter
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English