Donna Eden on Energy Medicine

Conscious Media Network with Regina Meredith
S5:Ep646 minsFebruary 2009Guest: Donna Eden

By the age of 16, Donna Eden had Tuberculosis, Multiple Sclerosis and a myriad of other ailments stemming from an inability to digest foods. But, as necessity is the mother of invention, she stumbled upon the ability of one’s own hands to heal. Today she has taught thousands upon thousands her method of inspiring the body to heal itself through touch, and how to begin seeing energy, once again, in the process.

Donna’s abilities as a healer are legendary, and she has taught some thirty thousand people world-wide, both laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system. Her invigorating presentations are rich with audience participation and stunning demonstrations of simple methods for shifting the body’s energies for health and vitality.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Donna Eden
Video Language: English