Earth Under Fire

Ancient myths and esoteric lore from around the world tell frightening tales of humanity's suffering through destructions by fire and flood – legends of catastrophe so extreme and so pervasive that now we tend to discount them as imaginative exaggerations. Dr. Paul LaViolette thought so too, until he discovered an ancient "time-capsule cryptogram" written in the stars that relates a galactic cause for these events.

Supported by years of research, Dr. Paul LaViolette explains how this scientifically advanced message combines with ancient esoteric lore alerts us to a cyclical cosmic disaster, one that could reoccur today, virtually without warning.

Earth Under Fire weaves together shocking accounts from ancient legends with stunning scientific data to reconstruct the details of a horrifying tragedy that plagued mankind for endless generations with periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, searing heat and mountainous floods, from which only a few survived.

Featuring: Paul LaViolette, Johana Lambert
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English