Elena Tonetti Vladimirova on Conscious Birthing

Elena Tonetti Vladimirova discusses what childbirth was like for most Russian women in the early 1920s, and what makes positive birthing so important if we are to create a conscious living community on earth.

As a young Soviet woman from Siberia, Elena Vladimirova sought enlightened answers about the soul, birth and creative community. She joined a group of young people who broke from the repression of Soviet life to create space for themselves, joy and family. With this intension, she met Igor Charkovsky, a visionary who taught about underwater birthing, including, birthing with dolphins, who told her that if she wanted to get to the core of the country’s problem of community, she must change the way in which children come into the world.

Vladimirova worked as Charkovsky’s assistant for a few years before stepping onto her own lifelong path of conscious birthing.

Featuring: Elena Tonetti Vladimirova
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English