Esoteric Foundations of the Axis Mundi with Cort Lindahl

Many ancient cultures had a great knowledge of esoteric science, such as the Axis Mundi, which they laid down in stone to withstand the forces of time. While conducting a comprehensive examination of these ancient temples, Cort Lindahl found a pattern within their structures which connect some of the world’s most powerful monuments, such as the Tower of the Winds in Greece, the Stone Circles of Avebury and the Temple Mount in Israel. What he discovered ties into the history and origin of Catholic churches from Constantine through Charlemagne. He explains in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Cort Lindahl is the author of two books, Axis Mundi and Geomantic Information Systems Volume I. He is also the editor of True History Journal. His fascination with by geomancy, ley lines, and the spatial distribution of monuments on the face of the earth helped him to discover that many monuments seem to be placed with regard to each other’s orientation, from great distances across the globe.

Featuring: Cort Lindahl
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish