Fern Stewart Welch on The Heart Knows the Way

Digging down into the deepest part of her being to connect to the sublime part that knows all, helped Fern Stewart to learn about what her beloved husband was experiencing as his mind and body was slipping away. What she learned will benefit each and every one of us that faces a loved one’s decline.

Her current book, The Heart Knows the Way, is a remarkably intimate and revealing account by the author of how she sought a better, more loving and enlightened approach to helping her husband through his lengthy decline and death. In the process she opened to a personal relationship with God, gained new insight into one of life’s most feared experiences, and completed the experience free of sadness and guilt, with renewed joy, meaning, purpose and reaffirmation of life.

Featuring: Fern Stewart Welch
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English