Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All (Dr. Diane Cirincione & Dr. Gerald Jampolsky)
Living in Balance with Georgia Shakti-Hill

Diane Cirincione, Ph.D., and Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., authors of Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer, received strong guidance that they could help people understand each other's experiences of forgiveness cross culturally. Gerald founded the first center for attitudinal healing in 1975, of which there are at least 150 world wide today, all offering free services.

From releasing our painful pasts to recognizing how much our negative thoughts still interfere with our medical treatments, Diane and Gerald assist us in making our own choices of forgiveness, allowing real peace and rejuvenation into our differing and interconnected lives.

Host: Georgia Shakti-Hill
Featuring: Dr. Diane Cirincione, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English